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The modern world has made major advances in bioscience & technology, so it could be easy to forget that you hold the most powerful tool of all - the human brain, and its ability to change.

Overworked public health system, sharp increase in diagnosed mental and physical health conditions,  and overactive modern minds are all factors which suggest we need to rethink our approach to health & realise our own power.

Here at Neurospark, the aim is to inspire and empower you to think outside the current norms of how influential you can be in your own health, happiness and recovery.

By infusing contemporary principles of neuroscience, psychology, physiology and NLP, you will be equipped with tools and teachings that are real, relatable and create quick change.

"REthink, rewire, re-energise”



neurospark offers LP TRAINING workshops, 1-1 NLP coaching and & EVENTS


Certified NLP & Lightning Process® Practitioner


Meet Bianca

A Certified NLP, and Lightning Process ® Practitioner from Christchurch, New Zealand, Bianca has the ultimate drive to teach others the about the power of the brain - body connection, and our ability to retrain ourselves towards health and happiness.

After overcoming her own health struggles, Bianca is inspired to help others do the same. She uses a revolutionary & science based approach to empower others with tools and teachings, so they too can take an active role in their own health, happiness and recovery.

Certified Lightning Process Practitioner®

Dip. Clin Hyp NLP Coach


BA (Psychology)


Mind + Body


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