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Meet Bianca

A Certified NLP and Lightning Process ® Practitioner from Christchurch, New Zealand, Bianca has the ultimate drive to teach others about the power of the brain - body connection, and the ability for us all to retrain ourselves towards more health and happiness.

After recovering from her own health struggles, Bianca is inspired to help others do the same. She uses a revolutionary & science based approach to help show others how they can take an active role in their own recovery.

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Mind + Body


My Story


I know what it is like to struggle and feel completely stuck.

My own health journey started back in 2011. After a traumatic earthquake experience during the Christchurch quakes, I showed many symptoms of PTSD. At the same time, I had started University and moved countries to study, there was a lot happening! Towards the end of the year I developed a chronic pelvic pain condition (and later on also diagnosed as fibromyaglia & central senzitization syndrome).

Over three years I went around in circles looking for medical answers. It didn’t make sense to me, all medical tests were fine, I looked fine, but medication or other physical therapies weren’t really helping. Over time I was developing new, different symptoms but I knew this just “wasn’t in my head”.

Everyone I saw did their best to help, but appointment after appointment I was being told the same thing- to put it simply, my pain and other symptoms were something I would probably need to learn to live with.

Initially, I was skeptical that anything brain body-based would help as I knew my symptoms were physical, and so real, but out of desperation it was time to try something different. I took some NLP sessions followed by the Lightning Process at the end of 2014, which turned out to be the missing link and key to my recovery.

I finally understood how I became so stuck physically, and more importantly, how with persistence and determination I could actually influence and rebuild my own health through a new concept to me - neuroplasticity. Within weeks, I had control back over my health & gradually learnt to trust in my body again. Chronic pain became a thing of the past! I had gone in with the hope of finding help for one issue – but walked away with tools that can help across all areas of life.

Over the next few years I enjoyed travelling, and working in a business development role; but after studying Psychology, I was drawn to do more in this area and had a strong desire to teach others the tools & concepts I wish I had learnt much earlier in life!

So, in 2016, I moved across the world and started the two year training to become a Lightning Process practitioner & Clinical NLP and Life Coach in London. I had the privilege of being trained by world leaders in the field of NLP & Health Psychology, and learnt much more about the emerging and exciting field of the mind - body connection.


  • Qualified Lightning Process® Practitioner

  • Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Life Coaching

  • Master of Business Management

  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)


About Neurospark


Here at Neurospark, the aim is to inspire and empower you to think outside the current norms of how influential you can be in your own health, happiness and recovery.

By infusing contemporary principles of neuroscience, psychology, physiology and NLP, you will be equipped with tools and teachings that are real, relatable and create quick change.

Neurospark offers the Lightning Process®, NLP Coaching and Events and Workshops.

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“Recent research recognises that the old way of seeing conditions as either physical or psychological -  that there is either something ‘broken’ or it’s ‘all in your head’ is no longer accurate biologically.

This has stigmatised or underplayed many real physical conditions"

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