The Lightning process

Is the Lightning Process just the same as Mindfulness?

No.. not exactly, BUT there are some similarities. Both the LP and mindfulness identify the importance of recognising whether the neurology being used is health promoting (‘in the present’) or not.

Mindfulness suggests moving from this recognition of ‘not being present’ to an end state of disengagement and acceptance and returning to being ‘present’.

The LP, adds to this concept by suggesting it should be combined with actively engaging desired neural pathways to trigger positive physiological processes – so returning to being present, but in a very deliberate way that enhances physiological change.

So if it isn’t mindfulness, is LP like CBT?

Both the LP and CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) include developing an awareness of patterns that have an impact on health. The main focus of CBT is to make cognitive shifts in order to manage and cope with illness better. The LP is different as it considers how a client can influence their neurology to achieve a change in their physiology.

I’ve tried everything possible, I’ve had these issues forever, and you're telling me you can cure me?

Nope, unfortunately I don’t cure anything (if only it was that easy!), but I am committed to fully supporting you to make big changes as a trainer. LP is a training programme. Unlike a treatment or a therapy, you are not relying on another person to ‘fix you’, but instead, you learn the skills you need to get back in control.

The main requirement is that people who take on the training must be ready to look at their condition in a fresh and new way. Like any other training, you must be committed, persistent and determined.

Although the course itself does not make anyone well; experience has shown that if people implement the techniques and skills it is possible to make transformational changes mental or physical health just like I did. Full health can then be maintained by committing to implement these techniques until it becomes second nature.

Is there academic research to support the effectiveness of LP?

Yes, there is growing academic research supporting the Lightning Process, and its concepts. Aligned Research: https://lightningprocess.com/aligned-research/

A recently published academic paper by the University of Bristol (2018) has shown that during a research trial, the Lightning Process combined with Specialist Medical for CFS/ME was more effective than Specialist medical care alone. ‘The Lightning Process is effective and is probably cost-effective when provided in addition to specialist medical care for mild/moderately affected adolescents with CFS/ME.’;

You can find other academic research here: https://lightningprocess.com/research/. The Lightning Process has also been featured across many media platforms, in New Zealand and internationally.

Lightning Process in the Media: https://lightningprocess.com/research-in-the-media/

Do you offer 1-1 sessions for LP

The Lightning Process isn’t vigorous or physically demanding and can be tailored to meet individual capabilities. However, for those , a 1-1 can be offered.

1-1 Coaching & NLP

How do the sessions work?

Each session is completely personalised; whether you feel stuck and have a lingering issue or just need general direction, we base it around you. First we take a look at your life as a whole, and explore whats stopping you from having what you really want. We then get clear on your future goals and get in touch with how you want to feel.

Through conversation, we identify old patterns, belief systems & ways of thinking that are not currently working in your favour. Together we identify more benefical ways to be, and use NLP techniques to faciliate some big changes – these techniques are fun, interactive, insightful and effective and you will leave feeling empowered.

How many sessions will I need?

The aim is to get you back on track as quickly as possible and leave you feeling equipped and motivated. Often this is within the first 1-2 sessions, but if there a few things you would like to change then the 3 session package may be the best option for you.

Do you offer NLP & Coaching sessions over Skype?

Yes, Skype is an option. Get in touch to discuss how we can make it work for you.

So do these 1-1 sessions include hypnotherapy ?

In NLP sessions we can gain access to the deeper part of your mind that controls your nervous system and patterns of behaviour, however this is NOT like stage hypnosis - you are always fully in control! We do work with aspects of visualisation, which can help get you into a more useful state.

events and workshops

I notice you focus your seminars on health, but do you do other NLP based workshops

Yes - we are working on this and there will be more exciting options soon! Please contact us if you have a specific query.

My teen has an unresolved health issue, can they attend your workshop?

Yes, If you have a child or teenager who you think would benefit from a workshop or coaching, please get in touch and we can have a chat. The Lighting Process is also open to all ages 9+.


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